Rachel Littlewood is a London based risographer & designer. She has been working in risograph printing presses for over 5 years and leads creative workshops as part of her practice. Currently she works at London College of Communication in Print Finishing, helping the students bind books and finish their printed projects. Rachel also creates notebooks & zines which she distributes online and at fairs.

Recent Projects

15° 75° 0° 45° — An exhibition that explores risograph printing in faux CMYK and examines Rachel's obsession with colour charts. Rachel created a series of 3 experimental colour charts, of which she printed 3 or 4 versions to test out different colour or halftone options.


Rachel Littlewood is a London based risographer & designer. She mainly designs for print, usually taking inspiration from her printing experience to help inform the design. Rachel tends to have a strong focus on typography as the base for her design work. She also has experience working as a print consultant to other designers, advising them how to set up their design work for various different print methods.

Recent Projects

PageMasters Website & Swatch pack — Rachel designed the risograph printers' swatch pack and is currently working with them on the redesign of their website. For both projects, she has worked closely with PageMasters to ensure that everything fits with their distinct aesthetic but also communicates the vital print related information effectively.

Riso Working Group — As the main organiser for RWG, Rachel designed the current logo for the group. She also produces all the printed and digital artwork which is used to advertise the group and it's meetings.